During its original run, this comic was a collaboration between me, Alison Wilgus, and its readers.

A Stray in the Woods was originally posted on Tumblr, updating at least once per week barring holidays and travel. After each update, I took suggestions via the "Ask Box" as to what Cat should do -- Investigate an object? Move into another room? Eat something off the floor? These "commands" could be mundane or ridiculous, foolish or brave, serious or silly -- the only rule was that they be possible for Cat to do, given the current circumstances.

When I sat down to draw an update, I would read through all of the commands that had been submitted and select one as the basis for the next page.

> In the comic, those commands look like this.

I sometimes edited for length or corrected minor errors, but every command in A Stray in the Woods came from a reader. I was lucky enough to always have at least a handful to draw from, even on a slow day. While I began with a basic idea of the story I wanted to tell, the readers ultimately shaped how that story would unfold, and I'm grateful to everyone who took the time to join in Cat's adventure.

If you enjoy the idea of collaborative webcomics, you're in luck! There are many other comics that have been created in this format over the years. Problem Sleuth and Ruby Quest are two of the most famous, as well as the earlier pages of Homestuck. (Note that none of these are kid friendly!)

Alison Wilgus 2013