A historical science fiction graphic novel duology from Tor Books. Preorder now!

    Mirai Yoshida, a student in the prestigious Time Travel Studies undergraduate program, finds herself trapped and alone in Japan of 1864. Uncomfortable with the demands of period-appropriate femininity, she dresses as a young swordsman, and so attracts the attention of Hatsu, a teashop waitress in need of a bodyguard.
    Flying Machines: How the Wright Brothers Soared

    Flying Machines:
    How The Wright Brothers Soared

    Illustrated by Molly Brooks

    The latest in First Second’s acclaimed Science Comics series!

    Katharine Wright, younger sister of Wilbur and Orville, serves as guide and companion through the history of early aviation and the physics of flight, from the gliders of Otto Lilienthal through the jet engines of Frank Whittle.
    The Mars Challenge

    The Mars Challenge

    Illustrated by Wyeth Yates

    An exploration of the realities of human spaceflight, and the obstacles that stand between us and bootprints on Mars.

    Coming soon from First Second!