An SF graphic novel duology, out now from Tor Books!

    Volume 1: The Knife at Your Back
    Now available! Read a preview here!
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    Volume 2: The Sword in Your Hand
    Now available! Read a preview here!
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    2042, New York City: A day in the life of college student Mirai Yoshida means studying Japanese history, learning swordmanship, flirting with her TA, and preparing to travel back in time to the Japan of 1864. But everything changes when Mirai and her classmates are ambushed by rebel samurai. Her friends are killed, her time travel machine is lost, and Mirai ends up marooned in the past. In order to survive, she disguises herself as a wandering samurai and is hired by Hatsu, a tea shop waitress, as bodyguard for her travels. Mirai has to find her way back to the future soon, or else she may end up a casualty on the bloody front lines of a conflict that’s destined to shape a nation.

    Wilgus’s full-length debut opens a duology with an intricate narrative worthy of its rich historical setting. […] Clever dialogue and detailed black-and-white images create an intense and moving story with plenty of heart and a mystery readers will want to solve.”  Publisher’s Weekly

    The Sword In Your Hand is a heartfelt story about the wonder of finding a community that sees you as you see yourself even when you’re very, very far from home. Ali Wilgus’s clear, expressive artwork gives the powerful emotional beats of these characters’ deepening relationships the space and nuance they need to breathe, drawing together the threads of this affecting time-travel journey into a tender, well-earned, and immensely satisfying conclusion.”—Carey Pietsch, artist and co-adapter of the New York Times-bestselling The Adventure Zone graphic novels

    Chronin is an elegantly rendered, insightfully layered time-travel adventure that creatively explores the complex tensions around identity, power, and constructions of history. This technically adept graphic novel showcases the power of the comics medium and gives us the gift of a wonderfully dangerous world that is filled with so many amazing possibilities!” —John Jennings, artist of New York Times bestselling Kindred: A Graphic Novel Adaptation

    “Lush historical setting, deft storytelling, and an ear for sharp dialogue.” — Ethan Young, Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated author of Nanjing: The Burning City

    “A fascinating, intricate story.” — Tony Cliff, author of Delilah Dirk series

    Chronin is a tense, entertaining time travel caper, charmingly drawn and filled with endearing, complicated characters that you can’t help rooting for.” — Faith Erin Hicks, Eisner-Award winning author of The Adventures of Superhero Girl and The Nameless City trilogy