My 2019 Publications

Somehow it’s once again NOVEMBER, at the end of a pretty crazy year in which I did a large number of things! I published both parts of a graphic novel duology and two new short stories, I co-produced and edited 24 episodes of a podcast, I attended seventeen conventions and festivals in ten states and two countries, and now here I am at start of perhaps the most intimidating development of them all: AWARD SEASON.

|| Graphic Novels ||

Chronin: The Knife at Your Back | Chronin: The Sword in Your Hand

Tor Books
edited by Diana Pho

The Biggest Deal of my year was the publication of Chronin by Tor Books, a graphic novel series which is complete in two parts, and eligible as a single work for Best Graphic Story in the Hugos this year. I’m real proud of how this turned out, and if you’re curious, there’s more info about it and links to previews over here.

|| Novelettes ||

The Backstitched Heart of Katharine Wright
Interzone, edited by Andy Cox

In which Katharine Wright, sister to the famous Orville and Wilbur, throws herself into her own past to change the ill fortunes of her family. (SFWA members can read a copy for free on the forums here.)

|| Short Stories ||

A Neighborhood for Someone Else
Analog: Science Fiction and Fact, edited by Trevor Quachri

A human translator of Alien theater, surgically modified to better understand their language, struggles to keep her foothold in a city where she only half belongs. (SFWA members can read it here.)

|| Podcasts ||

Graphic Novel TK is a fortnightly podcast about the world of graphic novel publishing! In every episode, we interview industry professionals about the details of how their part of the business works and how they do their jobs. Co-produced with Gina Gagliano, Publishing Director of Random House Graphic. This podcast is eligible for Best Fancast at the Hugo’s this year!

|| Short Comics ||

I Came Out Late in Life (And That’s Okay)
The Nib, edited by Sarah Mirk

Wiscon Cartoonist Diary
The Comics Journal, edited by Tucker Stone

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